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Dear Dr. Blau,

Words cannot describe how much I am forever in debt to you for helping me. You are a true artist, a kind man as well as a gifted surgeon.

Before I came to see you about my unattractive gynecomastia problem, I had been to four other Board Certified plastic surgeons and although they were all good, no one's be fore and after photos compared with yours.

During my first consultation with you, you were sympathetic to my concerns and fears.

Because this was my first surgical experience, I was apprehensive to say the least. Dr. Blau, your ex ceptional honesty, knowledge and reassurance lessened these fears.

Having this problem with my breast was very emotional, physically painful and embarrassing for me. I worried about scaring, sensation, and other general fears.

As you know, I am an amateur body builder, and based on your expertise and experience, you assured me that my scaring would more than likely be insignificant and my recovery time should be minimal.

At last I knew I found the right gynecomastia surgeon for treatments of

Dr. Blau, on the day of my surgery, you and your staff were sensitive and caring to my needs and conc erns. You also reassured my skeptical family and girlfriend, and answered all of their questions and alleviated their worries.

The anesthesiologist and registered nurse who assisted you were highly professional and made my exper ience very comfortable and pain free. You do remember how afraid of anesthesia I was!

I thought my recovery would be somewhat painful, but to my delight, it was quite comfortable. My swel ling and bruising were minimal. In the weeks that followed, I saw my chest transform to an admirable shape; at last my wish and my dream finally came true. For the first time I felt my physique was perfect and it's all because of your skill, talent and exp erience with this type of surgery.

Dr. Blau, I had no complications and my recovery went as you said it would. I was able to return to m y regular workout schedule in less than three weeks, and physically and emotionally I feel absolutely great!

It's been four months since my surgery, Dr. Blau, and I don't regret any part of it. The scars are co mpletely gone, and no one can tell I had any kind of breast surgery.

Since I am so involved at the gym I know other body builders who had treatments for gynecomastia, and some of them wish they had gone to you, Dr. Blau. I honestly think my result is far superior.

More plastic surgeons could learn from you. I am going to recommend you to anyone who needs plastic s urgery.

I know I couldn't have made a better decision and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. L ike Michelangelo you are a genius and a master at what you do.You too are a real champion!


Michael D.

Dear Dr. Blau,

"At the age of 28, I finally decided to do something about my Gynecomastia. For as long as I can remember, I tried everything under the sun in the way of diet and exercise to rid myself of this problem. Unfortunately, nothing worked. For me, it was second nature to stand hunched over to cover up m y problems, or to try on 10 shirts at the mall before I found one that hid this embarrassing excess. To make things worse, I lo ve water sports and am a big fan of the beach. I think it would have been more embarrassing to lose my T-shirt than my shorts.

After hearing more and more about advances in surgery for Gynecomastia, I decided to do a bit of research. My case was significant and I knew that I would need a surgeon v ery familiar with this condition. After talking with Dr. Blau, I decided that I wanted him to perform the surgery. I spoke to a few other surgeons, but I did not experience the same kind of confidence and knowledge that was evident in Dr. Blau. He also h ad more experience treating Gynecomastia than anyone I ever heard of.

I went into this surgery with realistic expectations. I would have been happy with even the slightest bit of correction. Three days after the surgery, I went back to Dr. Blau to have the bandages removed (this was quick - it usua lly takes 10 - 12 days before the bandages come off). I almost passed out at the difference I saw. Not only was my problem gone, but I never realized what a nice chest I had underneath it all. Dr. Blau is truly gifted. Now, I purposely take my shirt off to go out to the mailbox, can wear tank tops and can hit the beach with confidence."


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