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July 03, 2013 - Dr. Blau's Video Guide to Gynecomastia Surgery
Dr. Blau's new video guide to gynecomastia surgery reveals how to prepare for your surgery for best results.

January 13, 2013 - Dr. Blau's 2012 Gynecomastia Surgery Statistics
We are pleased to announce that in 2012 Dr. Mordcai Blau performed 317 gynecomastia surgeries. As we do annually, this ...

October 13, 2012 - Dr. Blau's TLC video available
Watch TLC's segment on gynecomastia that follows one of Dr. Blau's patients through his successful surgery.

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Coming in 2015

Dr. Blau's new book will be released. The book features comprehensive information about gynecomastia and includes over 50 patient interviews.


Gynecomastia, commonly known as enlarged male breasts, is a prevalent condition in men. For men with gynecomastia, large breasts may cause social anxiety and physical discomfort. Fortunately, male breast reduction surgery is becoming more socially accepted and common as a treatment.

Dr Blau, a Plastic Surgeon based in New York is an expert on this surgery, featured both on a segment on The Learning Channel (TLC) and in "Plastic Surgery News" - the American Society of Plastic Surgery's official magazine.

To date, he has performed successful gynecomastia corrections on over 6,000 patients. Over 2500 before and after photos of Dr. Blau's results can be seen on this website.


This is an informational site about Gynecomastia treatment and Male breast reduction surgery designed to increase public awareness about this condition. Prospective patients can also find thousands of before and after photos of male breast reduction surgery on this site.

Dr. Blau's gynecomastia center in New York is in close proximity to New York City, Manhattan, New Jersey and Connecticut. He is a published author whose 2013 book about gynecomastia will be the first of its kind by a plastic surgeon entirely dedicated to the subject. Dr. Blau is a world renowned gynecomastia specialist whose patients travel from all over the world to NYC for gynecomastia treatment.

Dr. Blau's practice is conveniently located at:
12 Greenridge Ave / White Plains, NY 10605

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